MNXPro Masterclass with Jamie Genevieve & Sophia Mitchell

I was invited by MNXPro to come along to their Masterclass with beauty goddess and YouTube extraordinaire Jamie Genevieve. When arriving I was also informed that Sophia Mitchell would be the fabulous model Jamie would be using to showcase her work.

If you haven’t heard about MNXPro where have you been?! MNXPro is a make-up and brow studio located in the heart of Belfast’s Little Donegal Street. The studio is one of the nicest make up studios around; it has a large open space which is full of natural light and the interior gives a modern, shabby but sheek vibe. Rachel and Leanne are by far up there with the best make up artists in Belfast; they are constantly supplying us with new make up trends and looks on their Instagram and Facebook pages, wowing us every time.

Back to the masterclass, Jamie is one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met. She very funny, down to earth and stunning.

Her masterclass was very easy to follow along with, especially because I’m not a make-up artist and barely know a thing about make-up. I could understand what she was saying and I’ve definitely learnt a few things from her; this means she made the class with everyone in mind, even professional make-up artists. Jamie talked the class through one of her classic looks, including getting the class’s input into which products she should use (out of her selection), as well as giving us tips throughout the lesson. She was really funny and had everyone laughing at her stories and experiences she had, which made everyone (including me) feel like she was their best friend.

At the end of the class she made sure to answer everyone’s questions on Social media, make-up favourites and even what editing apps she uses! Along with chatting and getting pictures with everyone who attended.

Big shout out to Leanne and Rachel again for inviting me, it was a pleasure to work with you yet again.

I would definitely recommend them for everything make-up related.

MNXPro Facebook / Make Up By Leanne Facebook