Adele Live 25 Tour Belfast

Firstly I was fortunate enough to attend the first night of Adele’s 25 world tour! It was a fantastic show with an awesome stage and band production.

I have been to a good few concerts over the years including Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna and even Justin Timberlake, but there was just a different type of atmosphere about the crowd and when she was performing. She made everyone in the crowd feel welcome and connected to her, almost like they knew Adele.

The concert was on for just over 2 glorious hours and it was just hit after hit. She opened with ‘Hello’ and surprised everyone with her location *No Spoilers*. Then went on to perform another three songs before her chat with the crowd.

One of the best things about Adele is her down to earth chats and funny stories that she tells in between her songs. One of her stories confirmed that she was filming for a new DVD.

I could go on about how it was and that it was the best concert I’ve been to. But I’ll just include a few videos and images that I took from the night and let you judge for yourself.

Skyfall Live

Don't You Remember Live

When We Were Young Live