Chapter Five

Undercover follows the narrative of an undercover police officer, who is a dual agent for the paramilitaries. The idea behind this is to depict an undercover cop on the streets of Belfast and then at the end putting on his mask to represent the gang. Main inspirations behind this were Starksky & Hutch for styling and the film Driver for the some of the car images.




The idea of the photo shoot is to portray a paramilitary gang inspired street shoot that could be related to archived images. The narrative was to follow them on their street patrols and then head back to their hideout which would have been a gentleman’s club. The styling concept for the photo shoot was to take influence from fashion trends and colours from the 1970s but mix them up with contemporary fitted clothing.




The inspiration behind this photoshoot came from researching archived images from the Belfast Telegraph and conflicting images exhibition (see below). In the photos, it shows paramilitaries gangs in the streets of Belfast wearing masks to protect their identities. However, from an interview that was carried out, the lady discussed how she worked in the Ulster bank during the time the Belfast branch got robbed by a UVF paramilitary gang. The woman suggested that the guy who stole from them had no mask on and was wearing a sports jacket. To draw connections with the interviews and the photo shoot, there will be an outfit in this photoshoot that will be styled around this character in the narrative of the photoshoot.