Chapter Four

1969 follows the narrative of a soldier who has been sent off to Belfast during the starting stage of the troubles. The idea was to depict the soldier on the streets of Belfast with a journalist approach. The main inspirations behind this photoshoot came from the movie 71′ as the plot is around a troop sent off from England fighting during the troubles and fashion photographer Don McCullin, who is a famous war photographer.




The idea behind this photoshoot has drawn inspiration from the soldiers that were sent to Northern Ireland during the troubles. This chapter will follow the narrative of an English shoulder who was sent to Northern Ireland during the troubles. The style and feel of this chapter will be related to Don McCullin war photography and images from the Conflicting images exhibition. The styling will have a contemporary twist on military fashion making it move current but will be dressed in authentic props from the decade to make it relatable to the project.




The Inspiration behind this chapter was taken from documentary and street style photography from the conflicting images exhibition in the Ulster Museum in Belfast. During this exhibition, there was a wide range of archived images from the full thirty years of the troubles of Northern Ireland. This exhibition showcased three Northern Irish photographers Bill Kirk, Frankie Quinn and Martin Nangle. The shots that stood out the most were ones of the soldiers on the streets of Belfast. In the images, you could see what they were wearing as well as how the streets of Belfast looked, with rubble and destruction about the cause of the war.