Chapter One

Paragirls, follows the narrative of two female paramilitary members from a bank heist in a small bank outside the city, to street action in back alleys of the city.

The idea for behind the photo shoot came from an interview that was carried out by a woman from Belfast. In the interview, she discussed that she worked for the Ulster Bank during the time of the troubles. During her time working for the bank, the paramilitary had robbed her branch. In the interview, she describes how the armed robber didn’t wear a mask. It was this information helped sparked the idea to do a photoshoot in the bank but with a twist and to use two females. Usually, these paramilitary groups were made up of men. However, the IRA had a female division that could be referenced in the shoot. The narrative in shoot would follow the girls starting off in the bank that they robbed then later they hide in a house, followed by a street shootout.