Chapter Six

Defenders follow the narrative of two paramilitary members in their hideout and patrolling the local streets. The idea behind this chapter was to capture the essence of social clubs being used as gang hideouts and street activity of these groups without using weapons. The main inspirations for this chapter came from interviews and archived images of paramilitary members on the streets.

The Idea


The idea behind this photoshoot is for the model to represent a dual agent who is working for the police but also in a paramilitary gang. The shoot will be a two-part shoot shot in day and night to convey time passing and his two different sides. This will also be done through fashion decisions to make it distinguishable which side he’s on in the chapter. The inspiration for the concept came to mind from an interview with a retired police officer. The police officer that was interviewed had worked during the troubles in Northern Ireland. During the discussion, he addressed some extra information regarding styling and an insight into the job role which will be referenced in this shoot. A visual reference for this photo shoot comes from watching clips of 1970s TV shows Starsky & Hutch. During episodes of the shows, they were seen to wearing large oversized jackets and turtle-necks and denim.