The project is a fifty-page coffee table book set within the timeline of the troubles in Northern Ireland. The troubles are referred to as a thirty-year conflict which happened in Northern Ireland from 1968 until 1998. This conflict was between the two political parties the Ulster Unionists who wanted a united Ireland and the Nationalist who wished to remain as part of the

UK. The troubles started heating up as paramilitary gangs who supported each political side decided to take action through violence, and that fuelled a war between each side. This war divided the country as they planned and executed attacks throughout Northern Ireland. The conflict eventually came to a conclusion on the 10th of April 1998; when, as part of the peace process, the Good Friday Agreement was set up. This was a multi-party agreement between the two parties, the British and Irish Governments.

The agreement is still in place and still governs the country today.

The idea for the book was to create fashion photography imagery that could be referred to this time through styling, symbolism and cultural references. The styling aspect of the book will adapt from 1970s fashion trends, as well as television and movies to create a contemporary edge. The use of props and locations will further support the styling decisions linking the project together.

Each chapter has drawn inspiration from a diverse assortment of people who were affected by the troubles. These people range from the paramilitary groups, police officers, British soldiers and civilian. To further expand my knowledge of the subject and inspire creative decisions, I have interviewed people who have lived through the troubles in order to understand their situations and experiences. As well as, find out extra information that can be used to create a narrative within each chapter and to support secondary research. The Museum and Photography exhibitions relating to the troubles have also be researched. This will give some visual references to help the primary research as well as expand my knowledge even further.

The creative decision-making process supporting the project was to pick something challenging and exciting that I had not dealt with before to work outside my comfort zone, especially as I am from Northern Ireland and grew up at the tail end of the troubles. It was fascinating to find out more information about the history of my country. After growing up and hearing all the stories and news of how it affected people, it was interesting to find out more and to hear other people opinions. I grew up in a Protestant council estate and my schools were of same religious beliefs. It wasn’t until the integration scheme came into place, near the end of primary school where Protestant and Catholic schools would go on a trip together, that I had friends from the different religions. However, this scheme was a step in the right direction for the country as it brought both communities together.